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Mayfield 19: "Accidental" Public Phone Call
(spy) tee hee, (spy) trying so hard not to laugh
(If you pick up the phone today, you may hear the following conversation take place...)

"Wot do you want, Spook?"

Don't be like zat, Bushman, you should consider eet an honor zat I require your expertise.

"Couldn't get your Snoipah t' take part in your scheme, so you come crawling t' me instead?"

What sort of monster do you take me for? Of course I wouldn't ask a teammate to do somezing so dangerous!

"Just...get on with it already."

Eef you eenseest. What say you and I (dramatic pause) show our captors just what we are capable of?


Fine, fine, go cower een a corner like you always do. I hardly need your help to assassinate zee Chief of Police.

(After a long silence.) "Foine. I'm in. Tell me when and where."

I'll keep een touch. Who knows? Maybe we can be friends after all!

(Hangs up)

((OOC: Double tag-team action here! Please specify whether you want to talk to Spy or Sniper.))

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[Bazett is listening carefully to the conversation. Finally, she cannot help but speak after she hears one of the parties hang up.]

And how do you suggest we show our captors "what we are capable of?"

By hitting zem where zey think zey are zee most fortified, of course.

I was thinking of putting a knife or two een zee Police Chief's Spine myself.

But seeing as how the policemen are also but extentions of the town's will, how will killing them solve anything? For genius loci like these, the only way to stop them is to stop their core consciousness.

If "both" or "either" isn't acceptable... Spy?

Hahahah, holy shit, those accents.

French eez such a marvelous language, eez eet not? (Makes random French-sounding syllables strung together in a way that, if you understand French, doesn't actually mean anything.) Like wiping your ass wiz silk.

I goddamn hope ya didn't just say somethin' about my mother.

So, you in the résistawnce or somethin'?

I've never met your mozzer; I'm sure she's a charming woman.

I'm not officially affiliated wiz any group zat has formed een Mayfield. From what I've seen, zey're more interested een sitting around feeling sorry for zemselves zan doing anyzing productive.

You...ya both can't be serious!?

Why not? Somebody has to have zee balls to do somezing around here.

"Don't listen t' 'im, Truckie. This doesn't need t' involve you."

Yeah. A whole lotta people out there have gone an' tried. They ended up singin' carols for a whole day. Why don't ya go an' ask yer own team mates, Frenchie, an' leave Snipes alone?

An' you. This may be the pot callin' the kettle black, 'cause this sure as hell doesn't hafta involve you too Slim.

[ Snicker snicker in the phone before Bel speaks. ] Planning on killing someone~?

Plans are for cowards who hide een zeir bunkers. Execution eez what matters.

When it comes t' th' Spoi? 'ang on t' your trousers and 'opes 'e isn't really aiming 't' stab you in th' back.

[ Oooh, stabbing! ] You're only gonna kill one person? That's boring. It's more fun to kill lots and lots~

One at a time, oui? Zee Chief of Police, after all, eez zee one who upholds zee illusion of law and order een zis town.

You interested een joining zee fun?

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