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Mayfield 17: Because I could not stop for death
(jacob) starting to get on my nerves, (jacob) oh no you didn't, (jacob) anger levels rising
(At first, he thought the phone calls to be a prank, but when the RED Sniper of all people contacted him, he knew it was serious. He then called up his teammates to make sure they were doing alright before going to look for Kyoko.)

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Sorry for delay. Took a rest day

[Kyoko's also heard some of the calls, and is presently sitting in the kitchen sorting knives. She glances at BLU Spy as he walks in and nods.]

Seems something odd is going on, yes?

No problems! RL > Pretendy fun times any day.

It seems so. I've heard that people are gathering together for safety in numbers--I'm inclined to do that.

I usually end up working alone myself, but I don't know these things well. Someone called them zombies?

Apparently. They're some sort of living dead, from what I can gather. They can only be stopped by destroying the head.

I heard the brain, yes. [Kyoko holds up a knife] Since I don't recognize some of the other 'weapons' about [she saw the gun shop, even if the drone was being antsy] I can use these if they are necessary.

I know the basics of shooting a gun, I could at least walk you through that.

I, for one, don't want to be anywhere near those things.

Don't guns use black powder? They'd take too long to load. Besides, who said I was going to near them?

Oh, no, the technology's much improved now. Give me a moment.

(He leaves the kitchen, and a few moments he comes back with a Mayfield-issue revolver and some bullets. He holds up one for Kyoko to see.)

See? The powder is contained in the bullet itself. You just load them in, cock the hammer, and then point and shoot.

[Kyoko looks at the shell and holds her hand out] May I see?

(Pops the empty chamber open before placing it in her lap.)

[Kyoko lifts the item, and she weighs it in her hand a bit, before looking it over carefully. After examining the gun for a minute or so, she looks at Spy]

This certainly looks easier. Does the bullet discharge, or do you have to clear them from this area once you've fired? [Indicates the chamber] Also, does it have the same kick-back as black powder weaponry?

(Because mun is not a gunfag, insert the approriate answers here.)

XD I only know some of guns too so don't feel bad

Mm... [Nods a bit] I think I can handle this. We don't use these much in my family but Mother taught us all basics on guns. It will certainly be more effective than throwing knives.

I know "bullets come out the end" and that's about it

Hold onto those; you still might need them sooner or later.

haha ^_^; I think you have to dump the shells and put in a new set but yeah

Of course. [Kyoko looks at Spy, and gives him a smile] Most people don't think of carrying extra weaponry. You're used to battle?

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