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Mayfield 16: Just Dropping In
(spy) tee hee, (spy) trying so hard not to laugh
(Today, the Spy feels like visiting his teammates, but he'll interact with anyone else who'd be interested in talking to a guy who looks like a bank robber. He is currently:

[A] - On the street, looking to intercept the BLU Scout's patrol.

[B] - At the office where BLU Pyro looks, checking out the secretaries.

[C] - At the high school lab, reading the warning labels of dangerous chemicals.)

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(The BLU Spy's not the only one on the streets. Miss Pauling's just about to head back when she catches sight of that familiar blue balaclava.)


(The Spy approaches and bows, taking Miss Pauling's hand with the intent to kiss it.)

Madame Pauling.

[Scout is indeed out, but he's hardly patrolling. It's more like he knows that ladies love a man in uniform, so he's strutting about the park looking for girls to chat up. No luck yet.]

(You know what ladies love even more? An international man of mystery with a sexy accent. He sidles up to Scout.)

I hope zat zee citizens aren't keeping you too busy, monsieur gendarme.

[RED Scout here is just wandering around, still trying to figure out his new surroundings. Of course, he stops thinking about that for a split second when he notices someone very familiar.

He runs and ducks behind some shrubbery as he stares at BLU Spy. Unfortunately, Scout is so focused on his enemy that he doesn't notice a wasp landing on his leg and stinging him until it's too late and he yells out several obscenities, all while standing back up and stomping the ground, hoping to kill that damned bug.]

(The Scout wouldn't know stealth if it stabbed him in the back. The BLU Spy noticed as soon as the boy had ducked into the bushes, and even more so as he's stung.)

Oh, my. You look like you could use some help, petite.

[Quickly ceases his stomping and turns around at the sound of Spy's voice.]

Like hell I do! What's yer problem? Whatterya doin' moseyin' around here?

[The chemistry lab is the one thing Ed did not completely despise about this school. The kid knows the periodic table backwards, forwards, inside out, upside down and right side up. It wasn't unusual for him to skip lunch so he could come here and do some unsupported research. The hands on kind. The library was terrible.

What he did not expect to see as he walked in was BLU Spy. His stomach twisted a little as he stood there awkwardly, debating if he should try and leave before he's noticed.

(The Spy remembers his time being milk-droned as having had the time of his life, and he somewhat recognizes Ed, but he hasn't quite mentally connected the dots just yet.)

Looking for someone, petit?

[With the biggest scowl on his face, Pyro walks through the halls of his office with a stack of folders in his arms. He almost completely passes Spy until he realizes that hey wait a second that doesn't belong here.

Quirking a brow, he backpedals.]
'Kay, what the fucking fuck are you doing here, frog?

(Takes the first folder and starts flipping through it.)

As amicable as ever, I see. What are you expected to do wiz zese, if not use zem for kindling?

I have no fucking clue, to be honest. The guy with the fanciest suit just wants me to organize them and stuff. For some reason, we get a lot of fucking paperwork, it's insane.

Didn't answer my question though.

[Greed watches the man for a few minute, and then decides there's something about this guy that reminds him of the Devil's Nest back home. So, he calls out to him.]

You look like a guy up to no good, if I ever saw one.

(He's just smiling, not threatening you with a knife)

(He shrugs.)

Good eez too boring and caught up wiz following inane rules. I prefer being my own man.

I'll agree with you on that one.

The name's Greed. Anything fun to so in this palce aside from visit the bar?

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