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Mayfield 15: Stab, stab, stab! (Forward dated to Tuesday and onward)
(spy) tee hee, (spy) trying so hard not to laugh
 (The BLU Spy is rolling with Your Eternal Reward, the Cloak and Dagger, and a revolver he bought from the local store and he is out for blood.

In other words, business as usual for the Spy.  Hell, given how much of an asshole he is normally, he might even be more polite about murdering you than usual!)

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[She had to wrestle with Spy and their drone child about it, but she managed to make a quick flamethrower out of their oven. People are going crazy, and, of course, the only way to respond was with her own brand of crazy.]

I thought we were s'pposed t'have a goddamn ceasefire, ya fuckin' frog! [She lifts the flamethrower to chest level.]

(And he raises his revolver.)

Hello there, neighbor! Do me a favor and die, would you? It'd make things so much easier.

Fuck that! Th'fuck's wrong with ya?!

[She ducks out of the way and tries to sidestep him, aiming to get behind him.]

Shit, I hope this don't happen t'Spy, don't wanna hafta kill 'im, too.

(Chases after, firing at her.)

Wrong? What would make you think that something's wrong? The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I'm going to kill you!

Yer fucked up, frog! 'Least now I get th'chance t'burn ya! [She sprints away with a grin, a bullet grazing her shoulder. Blood starts to drip down her arm, but she manages to fire her flamethrower in Spy's direction.]

(A sleeve catches fire, so he pulls back against a wall, beating his arm against it until it goes out.)

That wasn't very nice.

(He runs further back as he reloads, hoping to draw the Pyro into an ambush.)

Well, I ain't playin' nice if you ain't! [She continues to run a circle around him, trying to get a step closer with each round. When she feels close enough, she'll start up her flamethrower again.]

(Oh, look, his gun's loaded again. When he feels the flames near, he turns towards it and fires.)

[There's nothing she can do from this range but take it. She turns her body so the shots don't bring her down immediately, grazing her sides and catching her opposite shoulder. Sprinting helps her avoid some shots, but she can't avoid all of them; she's screaming at the top of her lungs as she goes straight at him with her flamethrower.]

(He can't avoid the flames either, as he was hoping to take her down before she lit him up. There's no time to reload again before he burns to death, so he switches to the knife and lunges at her.)

[She drops to the floor, just in time. The knife whizzes over her head, and she attempts to grab his leg in and trip him. She might get some flame, but she's used to it by now. She also adds in a scream of pain and rage, possibly making her opponent lose some of his guard or balance. At this point all she can do is hope.]

(Aims a kick in her general direction and goes to pounce on her, still burning.)

[Well, apparently that didn't work. Evasive manoeuvre time. She rolls away, hoping to avoid the burning man. Almost worked, but not quite. Dammit, she's burning. And pinned. Fuck. Maybe she will be able to wrestle free. Eventually.]

(Even droned, he knows he's not going to last long. Stabbing at her with all of his strength now.)

[She knows she's going to die, between the bullet wounds and the knife ones, so she might as well try to get as far as possible, maybe warn someone. The fire is probably sapping his strength, so it's worth a shot. She tries to slap his arm away as he stabs, hoping to jar it off the floor and give her time to escape. Hopefully all goes well.]

(She finally succeeds in slapping his arms away...when he's a corpse. His still burning remains fall onto her.)

I invited her husband to come deal with the aftermath. Good for closure.

[She pushes the dead body off of her, her strength and the adrenaline already giving way. She stumbles blindly forward for about a minute before collapsing. Her vision fades to black.]

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