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Mayfield 14: With Catlike Tread
(jacob) srs bzness, (jacob) alas, (jacob) sigh, (jacob) looking away
(Of course he'd have more concern from his own team's Pyro than either the RED Sniper or the RED Spy.  The BLU Spy has spent weeks on pins and needles, never going outside without being cloaked or disguised.  He was even thinking about pretending to turn the barber shop over to "new management", but he wasn't sure how the drones would react to that.

Currently, he is hanging out in the alleyway behind the barbershop, smoking a cigarette.)

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[Stefan's tried to smoke back behind the pin-resetting machines at the bowling alley, but there's too much varnish dust back there and it reminds him too much of the crawlspace at school. So he's taking his break, wandering along looking like a displaced and unusually puny drone.

He pauses for a moment at the entrance to the alley and flops himself against the wall, trying to dislodge the tight panicked feeling from his chest. For a moment it looks like a 14-year-old delinquent is going to be joining Mr. DuPont on his smoke break, but a quick spot-check turns up nothing.]

(He hears the sound of someone approaching but doesn't see them. He continues to smoke, but his knife is snug in his hand in case whoever this is is someone trying to get fresh with him.)

[a small outburst of boys-dormitory swearing, and he stalks around the corner, vigilantly looking for something to kick. Like a cat, or a garbage can.]

(He is holding perfectly still, not even daring to breathe very loudly.)

[he stops and stares mid-wall-kick]


No, no, carry on, don't let me interrupt--


Whatever it is you're doing.

I... I forgot something, that's all.

(Sucking on his cigarette like a boss.)


[nervous smile displaying nicotine-tinged schoolboy teeth]

Hey, may I borrow--

(He knows those teeth. And since he's hardly a model adult, he offers the kid a cigarette and flicks open his lighter.)

You need to give you a light, too?

[his face splits into just the most grinning of grins which I have no icon for, because no one can read matthieu carriere's poker face and he plucks it up with grubby fingers.]

Thank you! Yes, please--

[Stefan just likes to live life on the edge.

Looking less keyed up already, though also like asthma should be kicking in shortly--]

Much appreciated.

(Don't go into paroxysms around him, Spy doesn't know CPR.)

No problem.

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