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Headcanon Meme stuff
(spy) anonymous, (spy) totally not a spy, (spy) in diguise as [blank]
Again, stuff not otherwise covered with the characterization tag.

  • As far as his official aliases go, he only has two: Jacob DuPont and Antoinette Bernard.

  • His closet is full of clothes that he uses for infiltration: formal, casual, uniforms...

  • He's sleeping with the RED Scout's mother for the view in her apartment.

  • This was, more or less, how he asked: "Sup, I'm a BLU Spy. If you let me take pictures of the nice apartment across from yours I'll give you the most mindblowing sex you can ever imagine."

  • Besides the kinds of basic vocabulary that you could find out of a phrase dictionary, he can imitate the general "sound" of most major non-English languages in a way that it sounds fairly convincing if you're not a native.

  • He can imitate voices, accents, and verbal tics almost perfectly.

  • He can pull off a fairly convincing crossdress. He goes all the way, too: wig, padding, tucking, shaved legs, the works.

  • Most of his campy mannerisms are just to make people uncomfortable. He considers sex another tool in his arsenal; he takes much more pleasure in lying, manipulation, and being a troll in general.

  • He treats his teammates depending on how they see themselves. If they're "baww I'm a big giant failure" then he's all supportive Team Dad. If they're "I'm the shit" then he's out to prove that they aren't.

  • Since the "Meet the Spy" video, the BLU Soldier's been on pins and needles expecting some kind of payback. The Spy finds it much more amusing to watch the Soldier wait for the other shoe drop.

  • He does, however, troll both BLU Soldier and RED Demo as each other.

  • The first time he sapped a sentry, he totally jizzed in his pants.

  • Those are HIS own custom-tailored silk suits that he wears, not BLU-issued.

  • When he uses his default knife, he carries extra ones hidden all over his person because it's crap and it breaks/malfunctions a lot.

  • He's convinced the BLU Demoman that Spy Crabs and Tenta-Spies are actual creatures.

  • Most of his "CLASSY MOTHERFUCKER" trappings are faked for the sake of his persona. He's not a snob for anything except foreign cigarettes, something that actually happened by pure accident--he'd gotten some in return for a favor once upon a time, and he fell in love with them at first smoke.

  • He favors the Cloak and Dagger, but he will use his other watches depending on the circumstance.

  • His map preference, sorted by how easy it is for him to wreck the other team's shit, goes King of the Hill - Attack/Defend - Capture Point - Capture the Flag - Payload Race - Payload.

  • Is surprisingly good at free-running despite his smoking habit.


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