How's My Driving?
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Playing manipulative bastards is not my forte, so Spy's characterization will be hit and miss as I keep practicing How Do I Backstabbed Your Ass.

Suggestions and feedback welcome!

Mayfield Info
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Ceiling Spy is Watching You Masterbate (Permissions)
Spy, as fitting to his job, is a nosy little busybody. And because I also need to know what's going on around Mayfield, this means I'm also going to be browsing people's journals more. But since I'm only human, I'll need help on who would be prime stalking reading material.

Please comment in this post with the following:
1) Whether or not your character would ping to being spied on.
2) How far the Spy would be able to get in digging up dirty secrets. (This includes following you, digging through your panty drawer, tapping your phones, etc.)
3) What sort of blackmail worthy material your characters have to hide.

EDITED! The Spy has just regained his Totally Hax Knife, Your Eternal Reward. Please also state whether or not the Spy has permission to backstab you in order to troll using your face.

ETA THE SECOND! The Spy has regained his favorite toy-breaking device, the Electro Sapper. Please state:
1) Whether or not Spy can preemptively sap your [noun] without me asking for permission in a specific thread with you.
2) How badly, if any, would the Sapper interfere with your stuff. In-game, the Sapper disables whatever it attaches to and steadily drains its HP until it, or the object sapped, is destroyed. But it's up to you what that means for your favorite device.

Mayfield 19: "Accidental" Public Phone Call
(spy) tee hee, (spy) trying so hard not to laugh
(If you pick up the phone today, you may hear the following conversation take place...)

"Wot do you want, Spook?"

Don't be like zat, Bushman, you should consider eet an honor zat I require your expertise.

"Couldn't get your Snoipah t' take part in your scheme, so you come crawling t' me instead?"

What sort of monster do you take me for? Of course I wouldn't ask a teammate to do somezing so dangerous!

"Just...get on with it already."

Eef you eenseest. What say you and I (dramatic pause) show our captors just what we are capable of?


Fine, fine, go cower een a corner like you always do. I hardly need your help to assassinate zee Chief of Police.

(After a long silence.) "Foine. I'm in. Tell me when and where."

I'll keep een touch. Who knows? Maybe we can be friends after all!

(Hangs up)

((OOC: Double tag-team action here! Please specify whether you want to talk to Spy or Sniper.))

Mayfield 18: Feeling a Chill
(jacob) starting to get on my nerves, (jacob) oh no you didn't, (jacob) anger levels rising
(Only an oblivious idiot wouldn't notice the changes in the air. It makes even the Spy uneasy, but all he can do for now is observe and try not to freeze his butt off. He walks the streets wrapped in so much winter clothing he looks rather fuzzy.)

((OOC: General interaction post. Please give him some CR.))

Mayfield 17: Because I could not stop for death
(jacob) starting to get on my nerves, (jacob) oh no you didn't, (jacob) anger levels rising
(At first, he thought the phone calls to be a prank, but when the RED Sniper of all people contacted him, he knew it was serious. He then called up his teammates to make sure they were doing alright before going to look for Kyoko.)

Mayfield 16: Just Dropping In
(spy) tee hee, (spy) trying so hard not to laugh
(Today, the Spy feels like visiting his teammates, but he'll interact with anyone else who'd be interested in talking to a guy who looks like a bank robber. He is currently:

[A] - On the street, looking to intercept the BLU Scout's patrol.

[B] - At the office where BLU Pyro looks, checking out the secretaries.

[C] - At the high school lab, reading the warning labels of dangerous chemicals.)

Mayfield 15: Stab, stab, stab! (Forward dated to Tuesday and onward)
(spy) tee hee, (spy) trying so hard not to laugh
 (The BLU Spy is rolling with Your Eternal Reward, the Cloak and Dagger, and a revolver he bought from the local store and he is out for blood.

In other words, business as usual for the Spy.  Hell, given how much of an asshole he is normally, he might even be more polite about murdering you than usual!)

Mayfield 14: With Catlike Tread
(jacob) srs bzness, (jacob) alas, (jacob) sigh, (jacob) looking away
(Of course he'd have more concern from his own team's Pyro than either the RED Sniper or the RED Spy.  The BLU Spy has spent weeks on pins and needles, never going outside without being cloaked or disguised.  He was even thinking about pretending to turn the barber shop over to "new management", but he wasn't sure how the drones would react to that.

Currently, he is hanging out in the alleyway behind the barbershop, smoking a cigarette.)

Headcanon Meme stuff
(spy) anonymous, (spy) totally not a spy, (spy) in diguise as [blank]
Again, stuff not otherwise covered with the characterization tag.

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