Mayfield 13: Don't worry, he'll get what's coming to him eventually (Stage 1 after the phone calls)
(spy) tee hee, (spy) trying so hard not to laugh
(Ohohoho, this was too much temptation to resist. He picks up the phone.)

(In the Scout's voice:) I...I...I gots somethin' I gotta confess, you guys. I'm actually a--a-- (sotto) v-v-virgin. (Then, relieved, still in the Scout's voice:) Man, it feels so good ta get dat off my chest, I tell ya!

(Waits a few minutes, then calls again.)

(In the Sniper's voice:) That's it? That's your big secret? At least ya 'aven't fucked a corpse because wanking off wasn't enough-- (Pretending to be horrified:) Bloody 'ell--

(Hangs up and leans back, smoking and grinning like a boss, not noticing the strange scent in the air taking an effect on him just yet.)

Mayfield 12: Spy Versus Spy
(spy) tee hee, (spy) trying so hard not to laugh
(Whether it be due to supreme overconfidence, sheer boredom, or impulsive foolishness, the BLU Spy threw out all of his original plans and decided to just go to his rival's front door as himself, strutting all the way.)

((OOC: People who aren't the RED Spy are still free to interact, of course.))

Mayfield 11: Good Morning, Neighbors
(jacob) heh, (jacob) smirkety smirk smirk, (jacob) totally not planning something, (jacob) the very picture of innocence
(He'd been avoiding the Sniper as either alias for some time, but this morning the Spy was bored enough to go flirting with danger, and thus went out on a break-of-dawn jog as Jacob.

Except, to his disappointment, he discovered that the Sniper was not even out of bed yet--though, to his rivals' credit, he'd reinforced the windows to make them more difficult to break into from the outside without drawing undue notice. So he just left a cheeky unsigned note inside the man's mailbox instead and then went on his merry way.

Checking his watch, he decided that opening the barber shop could wait for a few hours, and continued the rounds throughout the streets of Mayfield to see who else was up at this hour or whose houses were not properly Spy-proofed; he wasn't going to break in, not in his Civilian guise without any of his gear, but it'd be useful information for the future.)

Mayfield 10: Le Sabateour
(spy) tee hee, (spy) trying so hard not to laugh
(So guess who is willfully ignoring the fact that the event was over and was still going around trolling everybody? Today, the Spy is decked out with just his Dead Ringer, his Sapper and a Mayfield-issue knife; said knife still instantly fatal if used in the right place, of course, but you're too smart to show your back to a Spy who's prancing about in the open, right?)

Mayfield 09: It's a Trap
(spy) anonymous, (spy) totally not a spy, (spy) in diguise as [blank]
(There's a lovely lady sashaying down the street; her figure is fairly average, but it's the way she moves, the way she applied her makeup, and the light blue dress that exposes just enough to tease the imagination that might make you look twice her way. She's also packing quite the surprise, and I don't mean the knife laying snug against her thigh.)

((OOC: The Spy's trying out his trap!outfit. And he's thorough--he shaved, tucked, padded his bra, the works. You'd have to be psychic or basically shove your hand where the sun don't shine to figure out that this is a crossdressing dude.))

Mayfield 08: Pie Iesu Domine, dona eis requiem
(spy) anonymous, (spy) totally not a spy, (spy) in diguise as [blank]
(What's Spy up to on Easter Sunday? Leaving eggs, chocolates, and marshmallow peeps laced with poison in everybody's yards, of course! He's currently perched, cloaked, on a random rooftop to see if anyone other than drones will try his "gifts".)

Mayfield 07: Making it Official
(spy) uh huh, (spy) smoke break, (spy) not really listening, (spy) and I should care because...?
(Public call from a random payphone. The "Jacob DuPont" alias still has its uses, after all. He speaks in a very bored-sounding monotone.)

Oh dear me, I seem to have arrived at a place I have never seen before. Surprise, alarm, and bewilderment.

...zat eez how zese sings always go, do zey not?

(Inhale smoke, relish, sigh.)

Nobody ever does anyzing worthwhile or interesting around here. Eet ees always zee same running about like chickens wiz zere heads cut off. And zee ones who are competent simply succeed by zee blatant abuse of powers.

Of course, eef you zink you can prove me wrong you are free to try.

(He doubts he will find any worthwhile allies out of this, however temporary, but even if he could distract himself with another cat-and-mouse game, it'd be preferable to the mind-numbing dullness of having nothing to do all day except for the occasional Sniper trolling.)

Mayfield 06: FORESHADOWING! (Also fishing for CR)
(jacob) heh, (jacob) smirkety smirk smirk, (jacob) totally not planning something, (jacob) the very picture of innocence
(Today, Jacob can be seen in a number of places:

1) A shoe store.
2) Bondine Fashion.
3) The general store.
4) On the street, chatting a drone Avon lady.
5) Offering a discount for the ladies in his store, and giving lovely new styles to anyone who takes him up on said offer.

If asked, he just smiles and answers: "It's a surprise.")

Mayfield 05: Sowing the Seeds of Chaos
[Part A]
(He has to act fast. Before the Sniper has a chance to respawn, he sends out the following public phone call:)

Th' Snoipah you see running around moight be a Spoi. Shoot on soight t' be sure.

((OOC: Please note in comments if you actually will try to shoot the Sniper, I will post as haveaplan instead.))

[Part B]
(An Invisible Spy watches the Smith household, weighing his options. Should he just go up and introduce himself? Try to sneak in and speak to Lucy directly? Decisions, decisions.)

Mayfield 04: Pornography Starring Yours Truly
(jacob) srs bzness, (jacob) alas, (jacob) sigh, (jacob) looking away
(Having traded all of his Pre-Mayfield memories for his fob watches, Jacob is very surprised to wake up with a particular face and, ahem, other assets on his mind.

In lurid detail.

Including how he'd ditched his temporary paramour without so much as an explanation or even apology.

Jacob will be spending the day on pins and needles, expecting a very angry woman scorned to show up at his door.)


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