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Ceiling Spy is Watching You Masterbate (Permissions)
Spy, as fitting to his job, is a nosy little busybody. And because I also need to know what's going on around Mayfield, this means I'm also going to be browsing people's journals more. But since I'm only human, I'll need help on who would be prime stalking reading material.

Please comment in this post with the following:
1) Whether or not your character would ping to being spied on.
2) How far the Spy would be able to get in digging up dirty secrets. (This includes following you, digging through your panty drawer, tapping your phones, etc.)
3) What sort of blackmail worthy material your characters have to hide.

EDITED! The Spy has just regained his Totally Hax Knife, Your Eternal Reward. Please also state whether or not the Spy has permission to backstab you in order to troll using your face.

ETA THE SECOND! The Spy has regained his favorite toy-breaking device, the Electro Sapper. Please state:
1) Whether or not Spy can preemptively sap your [noun] without me asking for permission in a specific thread with you.
2) How badly, if any, would the Sapper interfere with your stuff. In-game, the Sapper disables whatever it attaches to and steadily drains its HP until it, or the object sapped, is destroyed. But it's up to you what that means for your favorite device.

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Wow, way to misread the first question there self

1) Depends. Ken is used to being the stalker, not the stalkee. So I think he'd have a better chance then a normal person but not as much as a fellow spy

2) Considering two of his worst enemies are here, I'd say it would be pretty easy for Spy to get anything he wants. They are Nagi Naoe and Schuldig

3) Ken is 1) An assassin [This is not so common knowledge, but again, those two I mentioned before know) 2) He's working with Olivier's resistance working as such


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He's free to bother any of mine. Since I have like five, I'll post them all here.

1) He might notice you're there, he might not; his senses are a bit dull right now
2) He's pretty quiet, and only a few people know him well (Wilhelm, Theta to an extent, Albedo) and maybe Nall. Good luck finding much
3) He's the Gnostic version of Jesus, and that's about his only secret

1) He'll notice
2) He doesn't really have much, so you won't find much
3) If he really looks, he'll find out Arslan may not be the true Prince of Pals, but Arslan is fairly open with this

1) She won't notice
2) No one she knows personally is there, though he could ask her friend
3) The only true secret she has is she was raped by her step-father when young; it would probably be hard to find this

Father Simon
1) Will notice, but probably not say much unless you seem aggressive
2) He really doesn't have any
3) See above

Arshes Nei
1) She'll notice; she'll be likely to attack too
2) Not far
3) The only 'secret' she may hide is she's half dark-elf, and half-human in her normal form. Otherwise, nothing.

Garviel will now have a chance of noticing, thanks to his sexy, sexy regain.
2> Oh man, he's so boring and straight up and down. His only secret is that he hangs out with Red Snipah.

3> Nothing much, other than he secretly finds women more attractive than he should, feeling mightily guilty about that fact.

Merde, how did that convict bushman land this kind of bodyguard?

Lithuania: Lithuania would ping to being spied on, yes. HE GETS A LOT OF THAT FROM RUSSIA.
Sealand: Nope, totally oblivious.
Bernkastel: Would definitely know, although she might not let on.
Hilda: If it continued for a while she might get a bad feeling. This will be harder to do as she regains her Pokemon, particularly Liepard and Reuniclus.
Kanji: He wouldn't be likely to notice since Spy's a professional spy and all.

Lithuania: Right now Lithuania doesn't have a lot of dirty secrets to hide in Mayfield. Later he might regain stuff. I'll edit then :|a Most of his history is pretty easy to look up in history books, so...
Sealand: ...There's not really a lot, unless you're interested in the totally awesome super cool fort he may or may not build.
Bernkastel: Not as easy as following her directly, but following the Higurashi cast may lead to things she'd actually care about.
Hilda: She doesn't have anything and hasn't regained anything yet. Might change if she regains things?
Kanji: Searching his room is probably good enough, really.

Lithuania: I can't think of anything really--like I said, most of his history is in the history books. I'll edit if I think of anything, though.
Sealand: Not only is his history in the history books, he is a ridiculous micronation kid. But if you want to blackmail him over his giant teddy bear or something...
Bernkastel: Bernkastel participated in the events of Higurashi as part of Rika and was later dismissed into the witch world. Though making an enemy of her can be extremely dangerous, given she is a very powerful witch.
Hilda: I can't think of anything really; she's a Pokemon heroine, their lives are not particularly seedy.
Kanji: Kanji doesn't like people knowing he sews and cooks, and he also has sexuality issues he doesn't like people knowing.

Not without permission, please.

1: My only hard restrictions here are don't interfere with Hilda's Pokeballs when she regains them and don't permanently destroy any regains without asking.
Lithuania: Currently his only thing from home doesn't have an electrical component, but if he does regain that sort of thing, being from a mundane world, I imagine it would work as it does in-game.
Sealand: Same as Lithuania.
Bernkastel: Objects she'll have from home will be magical in nature, so I don't think that would work on them.
Hilda: A lot of stuff in the Pokemon world relies on electronics, so sapping should be possible as it works TF2.
Kanji: He's not likely to have have much that's electronic, but he's from a pretty normal world so it should work.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm going to leave Russell out of this because loleightyearolds.


Jack: Doesn't really have the skills to detect a spy, but she's pretty paranoid. After a while, she might grok to the fact that she's being watched.

Wally: pffft like he even pays any attention to what's going on half the time.


Jack: Preeeetty easily, I'd say. If she catches him in the act, though, she'll break his face.

Wally: It'll be a little harder to get at his seekrit stuff, but not impossible. Definitely not outside of Spy's skill range.


Jack: Um, she's an intergalactically wanted criminal, but she's not especially shy about it. The only sensitive topic I can see coming up is her childhood in the Cerberus research facility.

Wally: Well, he's a superhero! This is a really big, really well-kept secret, so it'd make prime blackmail material.

Please comment in this post with the following:
1) Nena is pretty content, and would readily give out information when one asks. However, she'd be overjoyed and then brag
2) Anything is good! :D Just notify me whenever you tap my phones so I know which ones you're doing
4) Sure! Just don't be surprised if she guns you down

1) Ruri probably wouldn't pink on being spied on, unless Spy made some sort of mistake, like drop his spying for a moment due to the fact he's spying on a fairly weak looking girl.

2) Ruri doesn't have many secrets period. She actually kind of abhors them, that being said. Her room and panty drawer are unlocked, and she lives with idiots in her own mind, so she doesn't bother to lock the door.

3) Erm, she finds fish cute? She's looking for aspects of death to drill about people named Akito and Yurika? She sings in the shower? She's been walking about town mapping where it loops? She makes the worlds bluntest food critic? Most of her blackmail is pretty dull.

4) I'd rather not have Spy stab Ruri to death then wear her skin like a suit. She's a 15 year old girl and already slightly traumatized. That and any information Spy wants from her, he could probably just ask.

1. Medic is VERY keen to spies, as every good still living Medic should be.
2. He'd be able to get...not very far. He might be able to dig through Medic's trash.
3. The most Medic has to hide is that no one can trace where his medical training comes from. It's from a proper institution, but those records were lost post-war.

As for stabbing, perhaps for plotting, but otherwise no.

1) It depends, but if Spy is good at not making himself obvious, no.
2) He could touch Sweden's belongings once before Sweden notices, unless he is really good at placing everything exactly where it was left etc, then he might get to do it more often.
3) Not much yet?

and sure, he can backstab him |D just tell me about it first.

Goes for Dahlia (this journal), Zidane (ohlookboobs and Nina (meandalexander)

Zidane - might notice. He's a thief and would have been trained to do this sort of stuff so he'd have a better chance than a normal human being would but not as much as some specialist secret mission spy or something.
Dahlia - Might notice, might not. She's intelligent but sometimes too confident for her own good.
Nina - unlikely to notice.

1. Zidane - over the phones. Maybe in conversations with Kuja or Satori.
2. Dahlia - over the phones or in conversations with her family.
3. Nina - no secrets to hide.

Zidane - Zidane is an 'angel of death', created by Garland to cause chaos and destruction on the planet of Gaia so that the planet of Terra could absorb Gaia. While you can attempt to blackmail him by revealing his past, he will probably refuse anyway. You'll only be able to blackmail him if you successfully take his friends hostage or something.
Dahlia - Her entire personality. Dahlia puts on the facade of an innocent and gentle woman when she is really a cruel, bitter and manipulative young woman. She was convicted and hanged for murder, back home. She might comply if you blackmail her but be warned that she will try and blackmail you back instead.
Nina - no secrets. She might comply to blackmail if you try and hurt her dog or her friends or something.

Backstab: If you can think of a good plotting device, sure but ask first.

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1. Arc' can't really detect anyone spying on her as is so, feel free.

2. As far as he can, I'm open to anything. It'd be awesome to have Arc' react. X3

3. Arcueid killed her entire "family" persay. The other True Ancestor type vampires she was associated with were killed in a blind, bloodlust fit of rage after she ended up turning Roa and lost to her bloodlust. So, that and her bloodlust issues. I don't know if you'd be able to dig this up through the basic stuff unless she brought it up, but finding out her romantic feelings for Shiki would be something you could find out easily. :3

4. Concerning the knife, feel free to do whatever. 8D

1) Currently, Nusakan's ping-level is fairly low - once he regains his mystic body, he's pretty hard to spy on unnoticed. I'll try to update when that happens. ♥

2) He honestly doesn't hide very much, but Spy's free to do pretty much whatever he does :B Especially since the doctor will be out... er... being a doctor a lot of the time.

3) Not much - at some point, he'll start to build his own office in the basement, complete with the creepiest accoutrements he can find. He's really not the kind to hide his status, since being a mystic afforded him kind of an... eccentric nobility title :|a He has some headcanon-y backstory that he's pretty hush-hush about, but it's all stuff that was pretty much lost in his couple thousand years of being a mystic. If you like, I can write that up, though.

As for YER, feel free to backstab him - at least until he gets his mystic body back. Then, he's a bit more indestructible.

Edited at 2011-03-03 12:14 am (UTC)

1) It would depend. Under most circumstances, he's kind of CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!, but under others he's Captain Oblivious. That said, there's currently not a lot that you could spy on him for, except trolling xD. He's not got an extensive backlog of secrets.
2) Do whatever and just know he will open a can of whoopass.
3) Well, um, let's see. He had weird pseudo-incestuous relations with his aunt? He managed to wind himself up into a guiltbubble that's convinced him he's in love with his sixteen-year-old cousin? He had a hell of a lot of angry, borderline BDSM sex with a man he later killed by accident about five minutes before he arrived in Mayfield? He had uncomfortable sexual dreams about male authority figures back in Verona (including the prince and his own uncle)? He killed a few cats when he was a small child just to be noticed? There's a lot of shit that could be used against him, I guess xD

Hax knife trolling:

SERIOUSLY JUST GO AHEAD AND DO THIS it might get him some more CR if he has to sort out this bullshit afterward xDDDD

L would:

- ping to being spied on
- try to be careful not to leave much in the way of dirty secrets lying around
- probably be pretty good at not being backstabbed/sapped/etc

Plus he already has a creepy doppelganger running around. That might leave some possibilities open, but if anything like that ever came up it would probably be better for everyone involved to discuss them; it'd be too complicated to cover here. :)

Filling this out 'cause you tagged me =3

This totally contains spoilers for FMA soo..just FYI...I'm gonna make it small so it's harder to see? X_x;

1. Hawkeye will 150% know she's being spied on, and it won't take long for her to figure it out.
2. Lots of secrets. Hawkeye's in the military at home, so she knows a lot of stuff. She's information gathering in Mayfield as inconspicuously as possible, so you might find some pages of notes in the house. She's really private though, so he'd have to be creative to get anything good. I can tell you more if you are interested but I won't ramble here.
3. Oh hai there giant tattoo that goes up to the base of her neck that's covered in giant burns. She's going to do what she can to hide it in Mayfield. Overall she know. She's got scars, and if you know where they came from you can use the information against her in several instances.
4. Hax Knife thing: Sure why not? ^_^;
5 & 6 Re: Electro Sapper: Hawkeye's got nothing interesting here yet, though she will eventually be doing everything she can to procure herself a gun. Which I don't think can be sapped, so I guess that's still irrelevant.

1) Ilsa has a good chance of knowing there is something there, unless Spy is so zen he can enter a state of placid emotions while spying.
2) Not far, just yet - wait until she starts regaining some pictures from home.
3) Hide? Well, not a lot about her life in Mayfield, and what secrets she had at home are not really secrets here.
Totally Hax Knife: Yes, but she's gots some protections, so the nature of the backstab would be good to know. Trolling while wearing Ilsa's face is going to be interesting.
Electro Sapper:
1) Right now, she has no mechanical or electronic regains. Her only items are mage-crafts that she has made from local materials.
2) I need to think about how this would affect magic items. Some of it would be affected, but this needs to be addressed a case-to-case basis. Talk to me beforehand?

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