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Mayfield 18: Feeling a Chill
(jacob) starting to get on my nerves, (jacob) oh no you didn't, (jacob) anger levels rising
(Only an oblivious idiot wouldn't notice the changes in the air. It makes even the Spy uneasy, but all he can do for now is observe and try not to freeze his butt off. He walks the streets wrapped in so much winter clothing he looks rather fuzzy.)

((OOC: General interaction post. Please give him some CR.))

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(Lucky for Spy, Miss Pauling's going around too, looking for other members of RED and BLU. She's not a fan of the cold either, but she's still got a job to do.)

Mr Spy, are you alright?

(Today, he's in Jacob persona, so he just gives her a blank look.)

(Answers in a voice and accent entirely unlike the Spy:) Do I know you, miss?

I phail, did not notice this was the Jacob persona. OTL. I'm so sorry.

In another life, Mr Dupont. How has life been going for you?

(Makes a show of remembering.)

Ah, Miss Pauling, was it? From the Bridge Club. Fancy meeting you around here.

I can't complain, I suppose. Things are a lot less hectic here than back home.

And you?

I can't say I agree, I'm afraid. We've had quite a few events happening here over the past few months. Maybe you weren't around when they happened though.

I'm fine.

(And then she sneezes.)

Ah, excuse me. I'm not used to cold weather.

Work has been rather hectic lately.

(Indicates himself.)

I prefer warmer climates myself, but what can you do?

(She nods in agreement.)

We just have to adapt, I suppose. But I do hope work has been treating you well.

Have you prepared for this winter? Given the nature of what the town has been throwing at us lately, it may get worse as we come up to Christmas.


I'm sure I can find a way to muddle through. If not, well, I'm not going to get too hung up about it.

(He isn't all too worried. If he does freeze to death, it's not the worst thing that's ever happened to him.)

It's good to keep your spirits up, especially in this place.

(If there's one person she never has to worry about cracking, it's probably the BLU Spy.)


Well, off to work. I'll see you around.

[Cain had just been on his way home from school, when he noticed a wallet on the ground. Not realising it had been dropped by one of the malfunctioning drones, he chased after the only other man he could see on the street.]

Excuse me! Sir! Is this yours?

Do you mind letting me go through it?

No, not unless it's yours.

[That's pretty suspicious.]

What's your name, and I'll check the license inside?

Jacob DuPont.

And I suppose I'll just have to take your word on whether or not it's mine?

[And Cain checks the wallet, which sure enough says Peter Sampson.]

I'm afraid it's not yours, sir.

Lucky you. If no one comes to claim it after long enough, then it'll be yours.

Oh no, I'll hand it in at the police station, I'm sure they'll find its correct owner.

Well, good luck with that.

I don't believe we've met.


Jacob DuPont. You?

Cain Knightlord.

[He holds out a hand politely, with a warm smile.]

It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. DuPont.

(Shakes with a neutral grip.)


Have you lived here long, Mr. DuPont?

A few months, give or take. I wonder if that's not long enough or too long.

I suppose that depends on if you enjoy it here, sir?

I'd much rather be home, of course, but so long as I'm here I suppose I may as well try to make the best of it.

That's the best attitude to have.

You can't let yourself get defeated, or the people running this town have won.

It certainly feels like we are pawns in a game where we don't even know what the rules are.

Then it's our duty to find out the rules, don't you think?

Too bad there doesn't seem any way to do that.

Don't give up so soon, Mr. DuPont. Just because there hasn't been a way found yet, doesn't mean there won't be.

Come on, have a little more enthusiasm!

[Cue the optimistic cheesy grin.]

(Smiles back.)

"At least we're all still alive", something like that?

Once more with more feeling!

I think I'll pass. But I am glad to see someone who's so optimistic for a change.

I wish more people would understand the good that a positive attitude can achieve.


It was nice to meet you. I hope we can talk again under better circumstances.

Ah, yes... me too!

I'm at 1648 Albright Lane if you ever need anything, Mr. DuPont.

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